Travel Tips

 Travel Tips , so you can travel smarter and stay cheaper.

To get the most out of your vacation here are some travel tips. Travel is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Nothing makes a vacation better than getting a good deal on you stay. You should be playing so much that when you get home you need a vacation from your vacation.

Travel Tips

  • Travel is cheaper if you can leave and return on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. While booking your airfare make sure you check the “I’m flexible” box or search for flexible dates. This can save you $100 or more on ticket prices.
  • Stay over at least one weekend and the rates will be cheaper.
  • Book 90 days in advance or as close as possible.
  • Don’t book farther out than 90 days as they leave this open for the price of fuel to adjust.
  • Travel light. Try to get every thing in two carry ons.Leave all liquids at home. Shampoo, lotion etc. It takes up room and if you have the wrong size they will make you leave it at the airport. Buy them after you arrive.
  • Mail back all your souvenirs . Don”t try to stuff them in your suitcase or worse, buy a new suitcase and fill it. Just mail them.
  • The bus goes everywhere so if you don’t need a car don’t get one just pick up a bus schedule or better yet download the app. With real time GPS¬† you know exactly when the bus is arriving.
  • Check on your hotels separately from your flights. Sometimes they are cheaper combined and sometimes not.
  • Go to Travelocity. They beat or match Expedia pricing 89 % of the time and Orbitz 87 % of the time.
  • The Go Oahu Card is your pre-paid ticket to Oahu’s attractions. If your going to do any thing that requires an admission fee and you want to save up to 45% you need a Go Oahu Card. (link is below)
  • Priceline, if your flexible. After you find out what it will cost you to travel and stay, go to Priceline. You wont get to pick your airline or hotel but you will get to pick your price. It will save you about 30 to 50% if your flexible.

When I’m traveling I like to stay on the windward side because there are less tourists and the beaches are never crowded. I’m giving you these travel tips to help you get the most out of your vacation.

I will rent a house or condo before I stay in a hotel. Most of the time it cost less than a hotel room and I get more of the benefits I want.

I fly Hawaiian Air when ever I can. They aren’t always the cheapest but it’s a long flight and they have the most leg room and the head rest adjusts or fold around your head so you don’t need a neck pillow.


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