Things To Eat

Now that your here, let’s go stuff your face.

There are plenty of tasty things to eat just remember where you eat is not as important as what you eat. Because you’re in a culturally diverse environment you will be bombarded with new sights and smells. To make the most of your experience, try everything at least once.

Here is a list of my favorite Restaurants and things to eat. They are not fancy but you’ll see plenty of locals enjoying the food and that’s always a good sign.

L&L                                            Map It

Zippy’s                                      Map It

Uncle Bobo’s                            Map It

Matsumoto’s                            Map It

Leonard’s                                  Map It

If your going to Hawaii you have to try some hawaiian food.Thats kind of an eclectic mouthful since most of hawaiian food is a combination of, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino along with some western influence. But with all that influence it’s still uniquely Hawaiian.

Poi things to eat

Gotta try it, didn’t say you had to love it. It taste like school glue. Don’t ask me why I know this. It’s supposed to be bland because they used to eat a lot of salted meats and the poi would mellow out the salt. (My Wife thinks it tastes like watery carrots).

Poke things to eat

Fresh, and by fresh i mean raw fish, seaweed, green onions and other secret ingredients. It tastes better than it sounds.

Taro things to eat

Very similar to a potato but purple. It doesn’t matter how you have it, just try it. Any thing that’s abnormally purple has taro in it you can even order a taro turnover from McDonald’s, that’s not a typo, they don’t have the apple ones.

Spam things to eat

Back to McDonald’s for some Spam and eggs for breakfast. They really serve Spam at McDonald’s in Hawaii!

Spam Musubis things to eat

You can order any type of musubis but Spam is the best. It’s a giant Spam sushi. Imagine a slice of Spam on top of about 2 inches of rice with some secret sauce in between all wrapped in nori (seaweed). This is so ONO (delicious).


Steamed bread with marinated meat in side. The bread is lite and airy and the meat is heavily marinated. The bread tastes a lot like pizza dough. My favorite are the Char sue ones. Char sue is marinade that turns the pork red.

Shave ice things to eat

Please don’t say shaved ice, some one will slap you. It’s not the same. Shave ice is less grainy than a snow cone. Go to Matsumotos in Haleiwa its worth the drive and get it with a scoop of ice cream. If the line is too long, the guy across the street it pretty good. (or just wait, the line moves fast)

Malasadas things to eat

Get them from the truck. Leonard’s makes the best, and they send a truck to different parking lots for the day. If you miss the truck, their shop is down town Honolulu. Click here for a list of the parking lots they will selling from.

Dried Li hing Mango things to eat

The Li hing spice is a delicious blend of sweet and earthy almost bitter flavors. It’s on a lot of fruit so try anything Li hing.

Kalua pork things to eat

I put this down the list a ways because I’m assuming you already know what it tastes like. If not go get some.

Lau Lau things to eat

Steamed pork wrapped in ti leaves. Not the tea you drink these leave are like small banana leaves and when cooked they taste a lot like spinach.

BBQ chicken things to eat

Teriyaki chicken or BBQ its good no matter who cooks it. But you need to try it. Just because you have had chicken before don’t think it’s the same as what you had back home, it’s not.

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