Paragliding is free flight. Its you, some rip stop nylon, kite string and a harness.

To be a little more specific the canopy is the strongest and lightest material available. The lines can hold 250 to 350 lbs each and there are over 100 lines on each glider. The harness is a 5 point set up and as comfy as a lazy-boy. Paragliding is the purest form of free flight

This is how students learn to control the wing with short flights at a park. A tow line is hooked to your harness and you are pulled into the air. The Instructor radios for you to release and you fly on your own for a few seconds, then land and repeat.


This is a video of someone going tandem.


If you want to get certified to fly on your own it will take about a week. If you just want to get in the air you can take a tandem flight with an instructor. Two harnesses one wing. They sit in back, you’re in front, and they control the wing. You get to take pictures and enjoy the view. To schedule a tandem click the link.

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