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If you traveled halfway across the Pacific to work on your tan, go home!

Your here, now what? Need a list of recommendations or things to do. We have more activities than you have vacation days so go through our list and get planning. There are some worth while sites to see and hard to forget activities, but where do you start? I don’t think it matters as long as you do or see something memorable. This is my list of, Things to do, on Oahu but first go check out The Travel Channel Top Hawaii Dos & Don’ts

things to doSnorkeling:  Anywhere, just go look at some fish. It’s cheaper to rent then to buy.

If you need to buy your own gear, this link has tons of reviews on everything used under the water and the best prices hands down.

things to doSnorkeling Adventure: They take you off the island to see dolphins.

things to doScuba: If your certified or want to get certified.

things to doSnuba: It’s a scuba air tank floating on a small raft with a 25 foot hose and a regulator attached. It’s a cross between snorkeling and scuba.

things to doSailing: Go see another island or some whales.

things to doKayak: Paddle out from Kialua beach to the Mokulua Islands, a protected bird sanctuary with a beautiful beach. The best exercise you’ll do in paradise.

things to doSurfing: Or boogie boarding. Something with a board and a wave. Make sure you take a picture to prove to your family and friends that you did it.

things to doParagliding: Completely different. A paraglider is a ram air parachute. Its shaped like an airplane wing and glides like a hang glider. You can stay up for hours and climb to 18,000 feet, but here in Hawaii probably not more than 2,500 or as high as the mountains.

things to doPowered Hang gliding: It’s like riding a Harley in the air. Once your air-borne they will let you take the controls if you want, or you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Remember to bring your camera so you can take the best aerial photographs imaginable.

things to doSky Diving: for those of you who like to throw yourself out of perfectly good airplanes.

things to doPCC: Polynesian Cultural Center, always a must see. It could take 2 days to get through it all but some people do it in a day. Even though Hawaii is part of the USA, the culture here makes it feel like its own country. To keep the culture alive, we need to understand the history. Every thing we love about Hawaii depends on it, plus, you help out college students with your entrance fee.

things to doChina Town: Part of the culture and history, but also the best place to get Manapua and fresh water pearls.

things to doThe Swap meet: Like a flea market for tourists. It’s at the Aloha Stadium and it goes around the outside of the stadium 3 times. You might need to go take a nap afterwards, but you will get the best deals on anything you want to bring home or call a souvenir.

things to doArizona Memorial: Go pay your respects and learn some history. This will take most of your day and you need to get your tickets early in the morning.

things to doStairway to Heaven:  Also known as Haiku Stairs, is one of the most popular of Oahu’s “forbidden” trails. In the past, people used to climb up here for the fantastic panoramic views, which await all those who made it to the top. The hike is difficult. First you have to make the 2,120-foot, 3,922-step ascent. Its 2.5 miles of stairs straight up the side of a mountain. No switch backs, just straight up and up and up.

things to do2 Beaches: At least 2 that are not in front of your hotel.

things to doDole Plantation: Once in your life and that’s all. They have delicious ice cream.

things to doShark Diving: What trip would be complete with out pissing your pants under water.

things to doDune bug: Don’t rent the same car every one else has.

things to doHorse back Tours: Ride horses and ATVs on Kualoa Ranch. Most of the movies filmed on Oahu were filmed here.

things to doFishing: Not uniquely Hawaiian but some of the fish are. Hawaii’s coral reefs are home to over 5,000 species, and 25% of these are found nowhere else on Earth.

things to doHelicopter Tours: They will fly you around with the doors off if you ask.

things to doSea Life Park: My kids loves it. They got to pet a baby sea turtle and when they walked the penguins and sea lions off stage they walked them right in front of us. We weren’t allowed to touch, but they were 5 feet from us. If you want to play with the dolphins that costs extra, but its worth it.


Now go make your list of things to do while your her and remember to have fun, slow down and get in to the island groove.

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