Oahu Beach Guide

When someone says beach, do you think of pounding surf, secluded white sand or family friendly? You can find a beach for everyone with the, Oahu beach guide.


When you want to know where to get away from it all or where to take the kids we have all the inside information. Here you will find descriptions and recommendations for the beaches to go to for snorkeling, tanning, surfing or just hanging out. We have included a list of all amenities included at each beach so be sure to scroll to the bottom of each page, only with the, Oahu beach guide. Always check local surf conditions (scroll down to find out how) but in general, waves are largest for the South and East shores in the Summer and for the North and West shores in the winter.

The South shore is located near all the action and hotels of Honolulu and is easily accessible. The water is calm, but sometimes the southern beaches get a bit crowded.

​​​​​​Waikiki Beach oahu beach guide

Ala Moana Beach Park oahu beach guide

Hanauma Bay oahu beach guide

Sandy Beach oahu beach guide

Windward Side(East Shore): The windward side is generally the calmest of all the shores and has the best swimming beaches. The sand is beautiful, the water blue, and the waves are calm.

Makapuu Beach oahu beach guide

Bellows Beach oahu beach guide

Waimanalo Beach oahu beach guide

Lanikai Beach oahu beach guide

Kailua Beach oahu beach guide

Kualoa Beach Park oahu beach guide

Kahana Bay

North Shore: The North Shore is famous for its surfing, and waves regularly hit 30 feet in the winter. Extreme caution should be taken during this time.

Sunset Beach oahu beach guide

Pipeline oahu beach guide

Sharks Cove oahu beach guide

Waimea Bay oahu beach guide

Alii Beach Park oahu beach guide

West Shore: The West Shore has good surfing in winter. One concern is that it’s isolated place along the poor and arid Western shore has resulted in many break ins to rental cars and some resentment by locals of any tourists that invade their “turf.” But for those willing to deal with that (or that can blend in), it is worth a look.

Yokohama bay oahu beach guide

Makaha beach oahu beach guide

Pokai bay oahu beach guide

Nanakuli Beach oahu beach guide

Ko Olina Beach Park oahu beach guide

OCEAN INFORMATION — For a detailed description of the Pacific Ocean’s marine climate, water properties, currents, tides, waves, etc., please visit The Ocean Atlas of Hawaii online. You’ll learn many interesting facts, like our average surface water temperature in Winter is 75 F (24 C) and 81 F (27 C)in the Summer.Call 596-SURF (that’s 596-7873) to hear a recorded message on conditions at various O`ahu beaches. The recording is a free service of the Surf News Network (SNN) and is updated four times a day, 365 days a year, at 7 a.m., noon, 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. In addition to wave heights, SNN provides information on winds, tides, and buoy readings.

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