Hawaiian Honeymoon

You want to go some place special, and you want it to be memorable, why not a Hawaiian Honeymoon. Any other place would be second best.


How do you put a price on that. Unfortunately there is a price, air fare, hotel, car rental, food and sight-seeing for those rare moments when you leave your hotel room But remember a Hawaiian Honeymoon is about relaxing and end and enjoying the island paradise.

Just because you want it to be unforgettable doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. That’s not an excuse to be a cheap. If you plan and shop around you can save a bundle. A Hawaiian Honeymoon is going to be memorable so don’t mess it up by blindly buy a package deal just because someone said it was good or cheap.There are plenty of reviews or blogs on any place you want to go.

These are the most romantic places to stay on Oahu.

Turtle bay: The only hotel on the North shore of the island, a true getaway.

Ko Olina resort: This resort sits on 3 man-made lagoons, west of Waikiki.

Halekulani: When it comes to pampering no one does it better, downtown Waikiki.

You wont be disappointed with any of these choices. They all offer privacy and romance the choice is location. Ask your self, when im on my Hawaiian Honeymoon do I, want to be away from it all, smack dab in the middle or some where in between?North shore is about 45 min from Honolulu. If you want any night life you need to get in the car and drive.Down town Waikiki will give you more night life than you can handle.West of Waikiki 15 min from down town. Close but not too close.

Hawaiian Honeymoon to do list depends on how much time you spend out of the hotel. For a list of activities look at the things to do page.

If you are planning your wedding here there are some very memorable locations.

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