above the fold (!)

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health update v 2.1.3

hi! well i made it to fall! i really REALLY love this time of year. it’s my favorite season. i figure it’s a good time to go ahead and just let everyone that might be interested what is going on with my health and well being.   i’ve been so so happy to read your notes, […]

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you heard it here first

  hello! the hurricanes are most likely not going to hit. as usual. this is a good thing! we can’t take the risk to have crap flying all over the place in the winds or rain keeping you guys from coming in to waikiki on monday. this event is personal investments and way too much […]

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pool partaaay! sunday oct 9th 2016

things have been happening very fast these past few weeks. i finished my last whole brain radiation on 7/25 and spent a few days in paris to celebrate (!!!!) (more on that later). i’ve started a new therapy that has really helped me clear away the rest of this sickness that seemed to still be […]

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what gig

when electric palms asks me first to open for an act- any act but esp a weird-like-me act like Hermitude, i don’t say no. i should have said no. it was a few weeks of really fun preparation, but it’s just not in me to do a gig like that. right now. flash loves me […]

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health update v2.1.2

hey guys. hope you’re having a good summer. i haven’t weened myself off sm as much this cycle but have it filtered pretty good to only show me happiness *big smile* these days you guys. these are the days!! i want to send a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to a post I […]

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ewop TEDxHonolulu

“Everything is Working Out Perfectly” you guys have no idea how disappointed i was to have such a huge opportunity then have to step back. being selected for TEDxHonolulu was going to set the stage for me to be able to stretch this story far and wide and hopefully give some hope to any of […]

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cancer update

i’m not going to sugar coat it at all – it’s been a very rough few weeks. like clockwork, the week leading up to memorial day i had to get some suspicious swollen lymphs checked out while putting on a happy face and getting through our pool party and yup – cancer. i found out […]

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Rebel Radio Interview and TEDxHonolulu on July 9th. gulp.

you guys, what the hell did I get myself into?!?! This is crazy. I am not a public speaker. I am not a PhD, neurosurgeon, researcher, NASA, scientist, professor… I didn’t even finish college.  I do have a story to share. I’ll be doing it at TEDxHonolulu on July 9th. Please, please. If you’re in […]

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[PICS] Memorial Day was amazing. You guys are AMAZING.

huge mahalo to Zachariah K. Mendonsa for taking/sending these pics. i was working downstairs most of the time (except for a brief dance-my-face-off sash to my FAVORITE DJ YOOZILLA!). you guys, you really know how to get down. i asked so many people i didn’t know how they knew about the party and they ALL said […]

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