WOW that was a serious hurdle you all helped me jump. Now I have some actual money to pay these people who have already been donating their time and equipment for my project. While they were happy to do it there’s nothing like cold hard cash to keep them motivated as we enter the critical […]

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Hello, friends. It’s been awhile since my last post and some of you might not know how I’m doing today. There’s a lot to tell and it’s all good things. Whatever I’m doing – and however you are helping – it’s working. IT’S WORKING! Those of you who have bumped into me out and about […]

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Music: The World is Ours – Jai Wolf Shoot/Edit: Josuha Bowlin Mahalo to Aaron De La Cruz, one of my favorite artists period, for flying to Oahu courtesy of my POW! WOW! Hawaii family to resurrect the art car!!!! WOW! What an amazing birthday gift!! For the birthday the doctors didn’t think I would see!!! […]

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i know what you’re thinking – why would we want to look back at such a terrible year. let that crap go already. i know i know. 2016? the worst. i’m usually a pretty optimistic glass-is-half-full kind of person and have been my whole life but 2016 got to me too. the most obvious is […]

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Hawaiian Christmas words.

Here are some common words used in the month of December and their hawaiian translation. Angel – Anela Candy – Kanake Christmas Eve – Ahiahi Kalikimaka Christmas Tree – La’au Kalikimaka Elf – Menehune Garland – Lei Gift – Makana …


12/21 Event Tickets and Info

hello! i’m pretty excited for next week. here’s the link for pre-sale tickets: guys, this is NOT the event to come fashionably late to! the food vendors might run out of food, you might miss the aerial burlesque, or matt’s epic fashion show, or MY SPEECH, or THE most killer live act. just come early. […]


it’s official


a legend is now watching over all of us

we need to give daniel’s friends and family some space right now. i just wanted to share something. daniel and i became friends quickly when he was the bartender somewhere. detox? yes. i was getting over a breakup and he was so fun to take places. a couple years trying to forget my ex and […]


yesterday’s Sam & Ryan morning show was so, so, SO fun. watch here.

monday was a good day. i was still reeling from the Sunday paper and got to visit the 93.9 morning show for Motivation Mondays. that was my first time using Facebook live! ps i am SO happy these two are back on the air. i will always remember driving to work so so so many […]